Referral Visit Tracking

Measure the amount of traffic Members are generating and converting


The Referral.js SDK tracks page views and conversion events for referrals pre and post conversion.

This is useful for measuring how much traffic members are generating and analyzing conversion rates. Each of these allow for program evaluation and optimization.


Referral.js SDK required

The webpage must have the Referral.js SDK installed to track referral visits.

How it Works

A referral visit begins when a referral visits your site and has a Referral Rock web tracking ID. When this tracking is initiated for the first time a first party tracking cookie is placed on your site that expires in 365 days.

Referral visits are made up of page visits and conversion events, and they end when there are no new events within 30 minutes of the last event. All Referral visits are attributed to the member who referred the referral and are linked to the program they belong to.

The following graphic shows what causes a referral visit to begin for a referral and the events tracked.

Referral visit stats and history can be viewed on the Admin Dashboard, Program Details page, or by clicking the referral visits icon on a Referral Details page.

What’s Next