Send Referrals to Contacts

When referrals are added, send their attribution data to HubSpot for lead nurturing, segmentation, and reporting.


The referrals to contacts integration helps you run your referral program inside of HubSpot. Its main business use cases are:

  • Trigger HubSpot workflows to nurture referred leads
  • Identify which contacts are referrals with filters
  • Create HubSpot reports using lead source statistics

Access your HubSpot integration



  • Available for Professional plans
  • Requires HubSpot role permission for "App Marketplace access"

Setup & Testing

This feature is setup on a program-by-program basis. Watch the video below for instructions on setting it up and testing updates in HubSpot.

How it Works

Adding referral data to your HubSpot contacts will add the below properties to your contacts under a contact property group to help keep them organized. The contact property group will be named "Referral Rock - Referral Info - Your Program Name".

HubSpot Contact Properties

The below properties are only added when a new contact is created because the referral does not exist in HubSpot. If an update is for an existing contact, Referral Rock will never modify its existing contact properties.

HubSpot Property
First Name
Last Name
Email (Used to match Referral to a Contact)

Referral Specific Properties

If a referral is in multiple programs, then they'll have a contact property group for each program. This way it's easy to tell which properties are for which program.

Also, each property name will have the program name appended to it (e.g. Referral - ID - Superstar Program).

HubSpot PropertyDescription
Referral - Referral IDUnique ID of referral (6ede550a-02f1-4af8-b523-1fcbae5e9fdc)
Referral - External IDA unique ID to identify a referral
Referral - Member Details URL Link to Member details page in Referral Rock application (
Referral - Referral Details URLLink to Referral details page in Referral Rock application ( )
Referral - SourceWhere the Referral originated from (ReferralPageForm)
Referral - Source NotesDescription of how the referral was created ("Contact created for program 'Program #1' on '3/28/2022 3:17 PM' by referring member 'bob bannister - [email protected]' (1BOBBANNIST42)")
Referral - Member NameFull name of the referring member (Josh Ho)
Referral - Member EmailEmail address of the referring member ([email protected])
Referral - Member PhonePhone number of the referring member (123-123-1234)
Referral - Member External IDExternal ID of the referring member (12e7361xz34)
Referral - Member Referral CodeReferral code of the referring member (1BOBBANNIST42)

Business Use Cases

Follow-up with new referrals using HubSpot workflows and tasks

Referrals are high potential sales leads and warrant a special touch. By using workflows in HubSpot you can create sales automations to create referral specific sales motions.

Segmenting contacts by referral properties

With referral properties in HubSpot, you can quickly filter contacts to see which ones are referrals.