Track referrals using Calendly


Contact Support for Easy Setup

Referral Rock's support team can add conversion tracking to your form for you.

Submit a request. Prior to submitting, ensure the Referral.js SDK is installed on your site.

If you want to set it up yourself, use the guide below.


Calendly is a scheduling automation platform.

Connect Calendly and Referral Rock to:



  • Calendly Pro account
  • Your own thank-you or confirmation landing page (external from Calendly) on the same root domain as the page the embedded Calendly app or booking a meeting button is on.
  • This integration requires the Referral.js SDK. Install it on your entire website or add it directly above the conversion script.

This integration works in conjunction with our Referral Visit Tracking technology to identify if an invitee using Calendly is a referral.

Watch the video below to understand how referrals are tracked over single and multiple sessions.

Set Confirmation Page to Redirect

The following steps are necessary to ensure Referral data makes it to your confirmation page:

  1. Log in to Calendly and Edit the event type you'd like to integrate
  2. Under Confirmation Page, select Redirect to an external site
  3. Enter your confirmation landing page URL.
  4. Ensure the checkbox is clicked to "Pass event details to your redirected page"


For additional assistance, please reference Calendly's help article on setting up a redirect:

Create Referrals from Calendly Bookings


Root domains must match to create or update referrals

The root domain on the page the referral first visits from the member's share link must be the same as the domain for the confirmation page they're redirected to after booking a Calendly appointment. This is required so the tracking cookie is present before and after the referral books an appointment.

The following script grabs the information passed over the URL and sends it to Referral Rock, adding a new referral. to use this script do the following:

  1. Copy and adjust the script below using the _param_name fields, setting the value of each _param_name to the name of the URL parameter Calendly created.

    1. A list of Calendly's URL parameter names are listed here Available Referral Rock parameters can be found here.
  2. Add this script to the <head> section of your confirmation page.

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.referralJS = ((window.referralJS !== null && window.referralJS !== undefined) ? window.referralJS : {});
    window.referralJS.conversion = {
        debug: "false",
        parameters: {
            emailParamName: "invitee_email",
            firstNameParamName: "invitee_first_name",
            lastNameParamName: "invitee_last_name"

Video Tutorial

Update Referral Status after Booking a Meeting

The following script grabs the invitee's email from the URL Calendly redirect to and sends it to Referral Rock to update an existing referral.

Add the below script to your confirmation page referrals are redirected to after they book a meeting. This script will pull the invitee's email used at booking to update a referral with the same email address in the program you specify.

You will need to adjust the programIdentifier, status, and amount values for your setup. Do not modify the referralkey_email parameter or value. It is used to pull the invitee's email from the URL.

<script type="text/javascript">

const params = (new URL(window.location)).searchParams
const inviteeEmail = params.get('invitee_email') !== null ? params.get('invitee_email') : ''

window.referralJS = ((window.referralJS !== null && window.referralJS !== undefined) ? window.referralJS : {});
    window.referralJS.referralUpdate = {
        debug: "false", //displays a iframe on page for on-page debugging
        parameters: {
            referralkey_email: inviteeEmail,
            //REQUIRED. Used to positively ID the referral you want to update
            programIdentifier: "replace with  your program ID",
            //HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Used to help exclusively identify referrals
            //Valid value is RR program name, title, or program ID
            status: "add your desired status",
            //HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Used to update the referral status
            //Valid value is Qualified, Approved, Denied
            amount: ""
            //RECOMMENDED. Used to update the purchase amount of a referral
            //Enter as a float with up to 2 decimal points without any currency symbols (ex $100.71 as 100.71)
            //Required for rewards based on a % of referral amount

Video Tutorial