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Welcome to Referral Rock's Integration Docs!

Puts your referral program on autopilot by connecting your with business workflows. Here are the key connection types and why they matter:


A high-level view of the key integrations needed run a referral program with other systems


Install Referral.js first

Our JavaScript SDK assists with required Share and Track Lifecycle connection types. The library includes built-in functionality as well as optional methods to call directly. It's highly recommended to install Referral.js as early as possible


Third-party guides

See the lists of third-party guides on the left hand menu. Don't see the system you want to integrate with? Reach out to one of our support team members to see how we can connect with almost any system.

Share Lifecycle

A member goes through the share experience where they view the program offer, share their referral link with a friend, and are rewarded for the referral. (See diagram)

Integrating the share experience may involve:

  • Invite email campaigns
  • Email newsletters
  • In-app experience
  • Checkout experience
  • Event-based invites
  • API calls for a custom experience

Provide the best share experience in your existing product and marketing motions to get your advocates to share.

Track Lifecycle

Make sure you track referrals, so you can correctly reward the member who referred you the new customer.

The referral journey starts on the first click of a member's referral link, where they are taken to a landing page, your website, or anywhere of your choosing. Tracking the referral gives you visibility into referral visits across the referral lifecycle which can reward both the member and the referral. (See diagram)

Conversion Capture is the essential tracking integration point to capture when a referral converts to a customer or lead. It's the only way to uniquely identify who the referral is. This involves capturing contact information from:

  • Your web forms
  • Ecommerce checkouts
  • Our hosted landing page form
  • API calls for backend conversions

Business Activity Updates are only required when you need to trigger rewards based on events after the referral conversion. The two main use cases are:

  • Multi-step sales process: a referral is a lead that talks to a salesperson and may need to be qualified
  • Recurring actions: multiple rewards can be issued based on repeat purchases or subscriptions

Data Enrichment

Keep your business operations systems in sync. Add referral and member data to enrich your customer relationship marketing (CRM), customer data platform (CDP), or own system of record.

Once the data is in your systems you can:

  • Trigger marketing campaigns in other tools
  • Create reports based on program data
  • Identify and nurture referral sales leads
  • Run engagement campaigns from your CRM

The table below shows the various ways to extract your data from Referral Rock.

Payout Fulfillment

Deliver the rewards your customers & partners love with ease. Pay your members and referrals for the rewards they earned based on your configured program reward rules and payouts.


Did you know, setting up payouts can wait

Configuring your external payout providers doesn't have to happen until you are ready to pay the reward, which may be weeks after your program launch.

Rewards can be almost anything you want using our API but here are some of our direct external payout integrations: