Update Referrals from Activities

Trigger referral updates based on changes happening in HubSpot


The HubSpot Customers to Referrals integration helps you run your referral program inside of HubSpot. Its main business use cases are:

  • Trigger rewards based on property changes in HubSpot
  • Keep referral properties in sync with HubSpot data changes

Access your HubSpot integration



  • Available for Growth and Established Business plans
  • Requires HubSpot role permission for "App Marketplace access"

Setup, Testing, and How it Works

This integration will update referrals in your account based on changes in HubSpot. It is setup for all programs and is not setup for each program independently.

Referral Rock receives updates from HubSpot whenever a change is made to an object type (e.g. Contact or Deal) you've setup as a HubSpot trigger. If a change is related to a referral, the referral is updated.

You can have up to 3 approved, 2 qualified, 2 denied status triggers. If you require more triggers to update referral statuses, we recommend using Zapier to perform referral updates.

The video below shows how to setup the integration and the steps to test if it is updating referral statuses as expected.


Using a custom property to trigger updates?

If you're using a custom property where you select an option, you must type in HubSpot's Internal Value for that property's value, not the label name. You can find this value by visiting the property's settings in HubSpot's settings page under Data Management.


Are You Using Our Landing Page Builder?

If referrals are being sent to a landing page built with Referral Rock, you must use the Referrals to Contacts integration in combination with this integration.