Track referrals through Leadpages


Leadpages is a landing page software

Connect Leadpages and Referral Rock to:



Install the SDK

With the SDK installed on your site, Referral Rock's support team can quickly add conversion tracking to your form for you.

Ensure the Referral.js SDK is installed on your site.

Submit a Request

In order to complete the conversion tracking set up for your form, you will need to request assistance from Referral Rock's support team.

Prior to submitting the request, confirm the webpage that the form is located on.

  1. Open the Request Assistance Form
  2. Select Conversion Tracking
  3. Confirm that the SDK is installed and that Web Conversions are enabled
  4. Provide the URL for the form location
  5. Choose your form software from the list
  6. Complete the remainder of the form and Submit

A member of the Support team will be in contact soon regarding your request