PayPal Business

Use your PayPal business account to issue rewards


The PayPal reward type allows you to integrate your PayPal Business account with Referral Rock to issue rewards in any currency.



  • Referral Rock Professional Plus or Engage Plus plan (please contact our support team to have gift cards enabled on your account)
  • A pre-existing and funded PayPal Business account
  • Only Admin users can setup PayPal for Payouts

Set up the App within PayPal

  1. Log in to your PayPal developer account here.

  2. Navigate to My Account to ensure Payouts have been Enabled. Under the "Live" column, if it is already enabled you will see a green check mark. Otherwise, select Enable.

  1. To create your App, navigate to My Apps & Credentials and select Create App under REST API apps.
  1. Name your App, Select Merchant as the App Type, select your Sandbox developer account from the drop down menu, and Create App. If you already have a Merchant App, you do not need to add a new one.


PayPal may take up to 1-3 days to approve your App. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal once approved. You must wait for your app to be approved before continuing.

Make your App Live

  1. In your PayPal Developer account, navigate to My Apps & Credentials and select your App.

  2. In the top right corner, select Live to switch your App from Sandbox mode to Live.

  3. Scroll down to Live App Settings and check Payouts. Save.

  1. On the top of the page under REST API App Credentials, Copy your Client ID and Client Secret to use in the next steps of setting up the integration within Referral Rock.

Sync your PayPal Business Account with Referral Rock

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payouts

  2. Select Setup under PayPal

  3. Enter PayPal's App Client ID

  4. Enter PayPal's App Client Secret

  5. Enter a Low Balance notification amount

  6. Select Save.


Managing your PayPal Self Service Accounts

  1. In Referral Rock, navigate to Payouts. From there you will see your PayPal CURRENCY card(s). If you have multiple PayPal currencies, there will be a separate payout card for each.
  1. Select the gear icon next to PayPal and select Manage Account
  1. To edit the message sent to recipients, select Recipient Email. This text will be included in the email from PayPal with the reward.


PayPal's Available Balance cannot be displayed because only PayPal partners can view account balance. Please check your PayPal account manually.

Managing Multiple PayPal Currencies

Managing multiple currencies for your PayPal rewards is easy.

Within Referral Rock, each PayPal Self Service currency asks for its own App ID and Client Secret ID. Therefore, you can have separate apps connected to the same Referral Rock account OR you can simply use the same app for multiple currencies.

Rule of thumb is 1 app for multiple currencies, or multiple apps for multiple currencies. You cannot use multiple apps for the same currency, e.g. multiple USD apps



Keep in mind, you must have the chosen currency inside your PayPal account in order to issue payouts. PayPal will not auto-convert your funds. Inside the PayPal app you may convert to many different currencies.


A recipient had their payment rolled back a day after issuing the payout, why did this happen?

The most common reason is the recipient's PayPal account is registered in a country that is not allowed to receive payments using PayPal's API. To see if this is the cause, refer to PayPal's list of supported countries. The recipient's account must be in a country that is "Fully Localized" or can receive payments.

If you confirm the recipient's PayPal account is in registered in a supported country, please contact PayPal to have them look at your account to see why a payment was rolled back.

Are there any fees associated with issuing rewards?

Yes, and the fee depends on the currency. For USD, the fee is 0.25 cents. See the flat rate fee table here.

What happens if a reward goes unclaimed?

In the instance that a PayPal reward is unclaimed by the recipient after thirty (30) days, the amount will roll back and be placed back into your PayPal balance. The recipient will no longer be able to claim that reward.

How do I resolve the error, "this transaction was declined due to security concerns"?

Since we don't have access to your PayPal Business Account, you will need to contact PayPal to get more details. If the error is still unresolved have the recipient of the reward reach out to PayPal.