Personalize Emails with Member Data

Place your member data into HubSpot emails to continue sharing your program


Pull Member information directly into HubSpot emails through our Members to Contacts integration.

Common use cases for sharing with email campaigns:

  • Launch your referral program with a mass email campaign
  • Add links directly to footers of all emails for awareness of your program
  • Build ongoing invite campaigns for new customers



Insert Personalization Tokens

Now that all of your Member data is in HubSpot, you can promote your program in HubSpot emails.

Into Email Body

  1. Once inside the email editor, select the Personalize option in the top navigation bar
  2. Open the Type drop down and select the Contact property type
  3. Search the term Member to filter by all contact properties pulled from Referral Rock
  4. Select the property that you want to insert into your email
  5. Check the Use this Property's Default Value option

Into Buttons or Hyperlinks

HubSpot does not allow personalization tokens to be added to buttons or hyperlinks in emails. However, this workaround will allow you to place personalization tokens in HubSpot buttons or hyperlinks.

  1. Follow the steps above to place a personalization token into your HubSpot email
  2. Open the source code for your email by selecting More option in the top navigation bar and then select the source code icon
  3. Copy the token name for the personalization link that you just placed into the email.
    1. This will looks something like {{ contact.rr_linkshare_1 }}
  4. Place a button into your email body
  5. Edit the button and paste the token name in the button's Link URL field