One Click Access

Build access links anywhere you have access to the end-user's contact information

Build access links anywhere you have access to the end-user's contact information. The links work by adding a person’s contact info to the link as URL parameters.

By default, the links only use first name, last name, and email to create a new member or log in existing members. If you use custom fields for members, or need to save additional info when a new member is created, you can add any of the parameters below to customize what is saved with a member.

Build your URL{{FIRSTNAME}}>&lastname={{LASTNAME}}&email={{EMAIL}}

Copy the Base URL above

  1. Replace SUBDOMAIN with your account's subdomain name
  2. Replace PROGRAMID with your alphanumeric program ID
  3. Replace the tokens ({{FIRST_NAME}}, {{LAST_NAME}}, {{EMAIL}}) in the link with your email service's parameters.


Using a variety of URL parameters, you are able to send key identity and demographic information about your members to Referral Rock.

Customize your One Click Access link to pull key identity and demographic information about your members by adding any of the parameters below.



If a contact has a special character (such as an apostrophe) in their name, this may break the link if it is not encoded. Each parameter needs to individually be encoded. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your coding environment.

This site shows what an encoded URL would look like in addition to a better understanding of URL encoding is and here's how to do it in JavaScript.

Required Parameters

programIdentifierProgram ID found on program details page. (e.g. bbb2a102-a55d-47cf-8b29-043c8c943460 )
emailEmail address is used to lookup an existing member. If no member exists, this will be used to create the member record.

Additional Parameters

fullNameFull names will be parsed into first and last , with a single space between.
firstNameFirst name
lastNameLast name
phonePhone number
addMemberDefault true. Auto-registers member when possible
useEmailOnNameMissingDefault true. Uses email as name if no name included
directRegistrationOnDeniedDefault true. Values: true, false. Redirects to registration page if member auto-registration unavailable
sendRegEmailOnAddDefault uses program rules; Values: true, false, programrules
updateMemberDefaults to true. Values: true, false. When set to true and member exists, updates member with all demographic info
externalIdentifierRequired if email is not used
customReferralOverrideURLOnly used when a new member is registered. This URL will be the destination referrals are sent to when clicking this member's share link.

Custom Parameters

Up to two custom text fields and one custom option can be added as parameters. Text fields are intended for text entry fields, and options are meant for dropdown selection fields. Any additional custom parameters added will be ignored.

customtext1namePassed as a custom text 1 name
customtext1valuePassed as a custom value tied to customtext1name
customtext2namePassed as a custom text 2 name
customtext2valuePassed as a custom value tied to customtext2name
customoption1valuePassed as a custom value tied to customoption1name
customoption1namePassed as a custom option 1 name


It’s important to debug your link to make sure it is working correctly and pulling all the correct data. The debug parameter is used to display access link generated data, debugging information, the result of the One Click Access link (did it fail, succeed, etc.) and a message detailing the results.

You can view every result in the Integration Event Logs, located on the Main Admin Page > Logs > Integration Events or by clicking here.

These will be under Type: “One Click Access”