An email template builder to export html templates for Referral Rock


Stripo is a service that makes it easy to build email templates. Using Stripo's editor you can design a template, and then export the HTML for use in Referral Rock.

The Stripo platform is optimized for email, and its code has more predictable behavior across email clients than other template creators we've tested.


Message width must be 620 pixels

Ensure message width is set to 620px in's editor. This matches the width of Referral Rock's body section. Formatting issues may occur if the widths are not equal.

How to create email templates using

We recommend using to create custom templates for email messages. This is the most reliable way we've found to implement custom templates.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how-to use a template in Referral Rock.

Helpful Links

Email Tags for Your Template



  • Test using email sends only, the preview in the email editor will not be accurate for custom templates.
  • If you want a non-white background for the email body, you must also change the background color of each section of the email body in the Referral Rock email editor.
  • Be sure to replace any image links used in your template with links of your own. Images used in's editor are hosted by We cannot guarantee how long will host them.