Share Lifecycle

The share (member) lifecycle connection type helps you get the word out and re-engage your best sharer


Great referral programs present sharing opportunities throughout your customer's journey. How will your best advocates share if they don't know about or remember your referral program?

Connect customer touch points for your referral program to stay top of mind, then let our automations keep the member engaged with:

  • Promote Campaigns over email or based-on events to get the word out on your program for the first-time.
  • Embedded Share (In-app) experiences bake the share right into your shopping cart, app, or mobile workflows.
  • Re-engagement Messages keeps your sharer up to date to recognize their efforts, so they become a repeat sharer.

These methods ensure you’re regularly asking advocates to share and making it easy for them to get their share links when they want to share.


The three levels of integration needed for the member share lifecycle.

Promote Campaigns

Get your program out in front of your existing users when you launch your program and for each new user you get.


Get your program out there for new users

It’s critical to make sure each time you get a new user, that you’re announcing your referral program to them.

Email Campaigns

The easiest way to promote your program is by building a one click access link (no passwords or registration required) for the platform you’re already using. See the supported platforms below:

Don't see your platform listed? Our one click access technical guide to build your own.

Event-based Invites

Each of your referral programs has the ability to automatically invite new members to your program using our member invites automation. This automation allows you to design campaigns to automatically invite contacts to your program from a variety of sources:


Required - Create an Invite Email Rule

Once the potential contact is added, you can create the email, sending rules, and even the program the contact should be invited to. Learn more about inviting potential contacts from sources.

Embedded Share (In-app)

Embed an experience in your own site or app. These embedded experiences are placed on pages where the member is already logged into your site, and you have programmatic access to their contact information.


Required - Developer Assistance

Custom code must be installed on your site. You can always do this later as every program comes with a full stand-alone portal for everything a member needs (SSO login, sharing, viewing stats, referrals, and rewards).

Share Widget

The share widget is simplest way to embed a share experience and is done by using:


Embedded Share Widget

Portal Embed

Use this API workflow below to embed the full portal:

  1. Add the member
  2. Get access to portal link

Example of a portal embed

Custom Share

Use this API workflow below to create your own custom experience:

  1. Add the member
  2. Get access to shares links
  3. Display the member's stats
  4. List referrals
  5. Show rewards

Custom built share widget in a modal

Re-Engagement Messages

Event-based notifications and member campaigns keep the member in the loop and engaged with the referral program.

Event-based Notifications

These are triggered by activity in the referral program and are sent from Referral Rock or your systems.

Example: after a referral is approved, the member is sent a notification thanking them.

There are 4 ways to trigger notifications to members:

  • Program notifications - pre-built notifications setup in your Referral Rock admin portal
  • Zapier triggers - use Zapier triggers to send notifications from your systems
  • Webhook events - subscribe to webhooks to build out your own custom notification workflows
  • HubSpot workflows - trigger a HubSpot workflows with new and updated member data

Member Campaigns

Send emails to your best sharers with new offers or reminders about your program using: