Enrich Contacts with Member Data

Send member data to HubSpot


The Members to Contacts integration helps you run your referral program inside of HubSpot. Its main business use cases are:

  • Promote your program in HubSpot emails
  • Segment Contacts by program membership or activity
  • Target top Members to boost sharing
  • Trigger workflows based on Member activity like earning a reward

Access your HubSpot integration



  • Available for Growth and Established Business plans
  • Requires HubSpot role permission for "App Marketplace access"

Business Use Cases

By pulling your member data into HubSpot you will be able to:

Setup & Testing

This feature is setup on a program-by-program basis. Watch the video below for instructions on setting it up and testing updates in HubSpot.

How it Works

Adding Member data to your HubSpot Contacts will add the below properties to your Contacts under a Contact Property Group to help keep them organized. The Contact Property Group will be named "Referral Rock - Member Info - Your Program Name".


Existing HubSpot properties are never modified

This integration will never modify existing HubSpot properties like email or name. Changes made to a Member's contact info in Referral Rock will not update the associated properties in HubSpot. This integration only updates the properties listed below.

If a Member is in multiple programs, then they'll have a Contact property group for each program. This way it's easy to tell which properties are for which program.

Also, each property name will have the program name appended to it (e.g. Member - ID - Superstar Program). When adding properties to emails in HubSpot, this allows you to select the correct program if a Contact is in multiple programs.

HubSpot PropertyDescription (Example)
Member - ID Unique ID of Member (6ede550a-02f1-4af8-b523-1fcbae5e9fdc)
Member - Joined DateMonth, day, and year they joined (03/29/2022)
Member - Program JoinedName of program (Program #1)
Member - Password SetURL to set their password
Member - Dashboard LinkAccess link to Member Dashboard (no login required)
Member - Referral CodeUnique code Referrals can enter into forms (1BILBOBAGGI22)
Member - Link ShareURL they can copy and share with referrals (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/l/1BILBOBAGGI22/)
Member - SMS ShareLink launches SMS app with pre-filled message. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/SMS)
Member - Facebook ShareLink launches Facebook post with pre-filled message. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/FB)
Member - Facebook Messenger ShareLink launches Messenger post with pre-filled message. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/FBM)
Member - WhatsApp ShareLink launches WhatsApp message with pre-filled message. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/WA)
Member - Twitter ShareLink launches Twitter post with pre-filled message. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/TW)
Member - Email ShareMail to link that launches pre-filled email draft message. (`https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/email)
Member - Web ShareLink launches device’s share menu to select a share method. (https://blakebossss.referralrock.com/open/796A26F8/WS)
Member - Last Share DateReturns the last date the Member shared their link. (03/29/2022)
Member - Total Link ClicksReturns number of times their share links have been clicked. (33)
Member - Total ReferralsReturns the total number of Referrals the Member has added. (44)
Member - Total Pending ReferralsReturns the number of pending Referrals the Member has added. (5)
Member - Total Qualified ReferralsReturns the number of qualified Referrals the Member has added. (3)
Member - Total Approved ReferralsReturns the number of approved Referrals the Member has added. (67)
Member - Total RewardsReturns total number of rewards Member has earned. (23)
Member - Total Issued Reward AmountReturns sum of all reward amounts paid out. (2354)
Member - Total Pending Reward AmountSum of all rewards awaiting to be issued and in pending status. (145)

Segment Contacts by Member properties

With Member properties in HubSpot, you can quickly filter Contacts to see who is a Member of your program and use Member stats to find your power users.