Referral.js SDK

Integrate your referral program with your website using our JavaScript SDK


The Referral.js SDK allows you to track the full lifecycle of a Referral's web activity as well as integrate your sharing experience into your web site.

This includes tracking Referral visits using Referral Visit Tracking, monitoring your site for Referral Conversions, and embedding share experiences into your website with Member Access.


Access your JavaScript code below and add it to the <head> section of every webpage on your site. This is usually done with your web hosting provider’s settings, via Google Tag Manager, or manually by a developer.

Access your unique SDK script

After installing the script you can verify its installation using the verification table at the link above or by manually adding the ?rrverify=1 parameter to any webpage.

URL with verify:

When the webpage loads, a confirmation dialogue will appear if the ?rrverify=1 parameter is present in the URL and the SDK script is installed in the <head> section of the webpage.


Installation with web hosting provider (Webflow)

Verifying script with ?rrverify=1 URL parameter


Example of installation verified popup appearing after a page is loaded.