Run your referral program inside of HubSpot


HubSpot is an email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM platform.

Connect HubSpot with Referral Rock to:

Promote Sharing from Email Campaigns

Common use cases for sharing with email campaigns:

  • Launch your referral program with a mass email campaign
  • Add links directly to footers of all emails for awareness of your program
  • Build ongoing invite campaigns for new customers

Choose the guide that corresponds with your email type:

Track Referrals on Forms

Integrating referral conversion tracking with your HubSpot Form allows you to use your existing forms and landing pages to link new customers to the referral program.



Referral Rock's support team can quickly add conversion tracking to your form for you.

All you need to do is contact us using the blue chat button at the bottom right. When you do, you'll need to know the webpage your form is on and ensure the Referral.js SDK is installed on your site.

If you want to setup conversion tracking on your own, you can do so with our HubSpot Track Form Conversion guide.

Enrich your CRM Data

Sync your HubSpot CRM to Referral Rock through our native integration in order to automate your referral process and enrich your database with referral program data.

βž” Access your HubSpot Integration



  • Available for Professional plans
  • Requires HubSpot role permission for "App Marketplace Access"

Enrich Contacts with Member Data

Add member data to HubSpot Contacts in order to:

  • Promote the program in HubSpot emails
  • Segment Contacts by program membership or activity
  • Target top members to boost sharing
  • Trigger workflows based on member activity like earning a reward

Send Referrals to Contacts

Add referral data to HubSpot Contacts in order to:

  • Trigger HubSpot workflows to nurture referred leads
  • Identify which Contacts are referrals with filters
  • Report on lead source statistics

Update Referrals from Activities

Update referrals from HubSpot in order to:

  • Trigger rewards based on deal stage changes in HubSpot
  • Keep referral properties in sync with HubSpot data changes