Promote your program to contacts through Marketo


Marketo is an email marketing platform through Adobe.

Connect Marketo with Referral Rock to:

Promote Sharing from Email Campaigns

Common use cases for sharing with email campaigns:

  • Launch your referral program with a mass email campaign
  • Add links directly to footers of all emails for awareness of your program
  • Build ongoing invite programs for new customers

Our links make it easy for any email recipient to share with their friends. With one click, the recipient instantly gets into their Member Portal to start sharing. No passwords or registration required!

Step 1: Build Your Link

Click the button below to create a link for use in Marketo emails.

Step 2: Add Link to Email Templates

Adding your program's access link to email templates is a great way to maintain awareness of your program. Not everyone joins right away, but knowing your referral program exists helps remind people to share.

Step 3: Add the Link to your Email Program

  1. Create an email program in Marketo
  2. Place the Access Link as the Call-to-Action for joining your referral program
  3. Send yourself a test email to verify the link works correctly
  4. Send your Email to launch your referral program