Referral Add Example

An example of how to set up a Referral Add Trigger/Action sequence in Zapier


Using the Referral Rock and Zapier integration is simple and available on any plan. Automating tasks, like receiving notifications for new Referrals, updating your email list, or syncing with your CRM, makes it easy for business owners to focus more on running their businesses and less on small tasks.

In this article, we will be discussing:

  1. How to add a referral from your CRM or form software to Referral Rock
  2. Which triggers and actions should be used to accomplish the "Referral Add" Zap


Cognito Forms will be used as an example in this article. The steps in this article will still apply to most other CRMs and form software but there may be discrepancies depending on the software you are using.


In Cognito Forms

  1. First, you'll need to add a referral code Field to your Form ("Referral Code"). We recommend passing it to a hidden field. The URL will feed the referral code value into the form and auto-fill the form field. This is how we attribute the referral to the member. Once your form is submitted, they are created as a New Submission in Cognito Forms.

After you have added the Custom Field:

  1. In Cognito Forms, add a new form field

  2. In the Field Name section, you will want to add "REFERRALCODE" to the text box.

  3. If you do not have a Field Name option in your form editor, you will need to enable Developer Mode.

  4. Under the section "Show This Field," you will click "Never." This will hide your form field. (optional)

In Referral Rock

  1. In Referral Rock, Navigate to Program Editor > Share

  2. Under Referral Destination, select Change Destination

  3. Make sure the Webpage Redirect option is selected and enter the URL to the page where your Cognito Form is hosted.

  4. Enter the URL for your contact form. For this specific example, you will need to append the end of the link to pass forward the Referral Code into. In this case, you will need to add /?entry={"Referralcode":"code"} to the end of the URL.
    *If you are not using Cognito Forms, this particular step will be different depending on your form software.

  5. Add a Member to your Program that we can use for testing (Members > List > Add Member). View their member details and select their Member Referral link in an Incognito/Private window to test the redirect.

  6. You should be taken to your form. Fill out the form and in Cognito Forms, check your Form Submissions. Ensure your test submission also submitted the Referral Code as well.

In Zapier

Trigger - Cognito Forms

  1. Create a New Zap

  2. Name your Zap

  3. Search for Cognito Forms > New Entry

  4. Ensure your Cognito Forms account is connected.

  5. Test This Step and select the Contact info of the test referral submission from earlier, when you checked your Cognito Form Submission.

Add Step - Filter

This allows Zapier to only send info to Referral Rock when the contact has a value for Referral Rock Code.

  1. Select Only continue if....*

  2. Select Referral Code > exists.

Action Step - Referral Rock

  1. Select Referral Rock as your app

  2. Select Add Referral

  3. Connect your Referral Rock account and test.

  4. Map the results from Cognito Forms in Step 1 to the appropriate fields in the Referral Rock step. Our Zap requires First Name, email address, and Referral Code (at the minimum)

  5. Select Continue and then Test This Step. You should see your test referral information come in to Referral Rock. You can view this under Referrals or your Integration Event Log.

  6. Save the Zap and turn it on!