Referral Update Example

Update referrals using Zapier


Using the Referral Rock and Zapier integration is simple and available on any plan.

Automating tasks, like receiving notifications for new Referrals, updating your email list, or syncing with your CRM, makes it easy for business owners to focus more on running their businesses and less on small tasks. Zapier makes automating tasks a breeze, no programming skills necessary!

This article explains:

  1. How to update the status of your referral in Referral Rock using Zapier.
  2. How to integrate your Referral Rock account by automating tasks with Zapier.


Zoho will be used as an example in this article. The steps in this article will still apply to most other CRMs and form software.

Make a Zap

  1. In the "Connect this App" field, search for the application that you wish to connect to Referral Rock (for example: Zoho)
  2. In the second box ("with this one") type in Referral Rock
  3. In the section below, select your trigger. This is triggering action that will occur in the selected application (Zoho) in order to update the referral in Referral Rock
    1. For example: New or Updated Contact
  4. Select Update Referral in the then this happens box

Your Zap should look something like this:

Connect your Applications

  1. After you have completed the above steps, select Try it. This will take you to the more advanced editor where you will connect your systems, refine your Zap and test it.
  2. Name your Zap in the upper left hand corner
  3. Connect your applications to Zapier by selecting the Trigger and Action sections of the Zap and select the Sign in button in order to sign into that application.
  4. When connecting your Referral Rock account, you will need to enter your Public and Private API keys. These can be found and created by going to Settings > Integrations > Manage API Keys

Complete your Trigger step

In order to update a referral inside of Referral Rock from your application, there needs to be a trigger that alerts Zapier to fire a Zap. For example, when a deal is marked closed won, or an invoice is paid. The majority of Referral Update triggers come from an updated contact or deal property.

Depending on the application selected for your trigger, you may need to add a filter step after the trigger step to ensure that the Zap is only proceeding if a specific field or fields were updated.

Add a Search Step

In order for the referral to be properly updated in Referral Rock, the Zap needs to first find the correct referral to update each time the zap fires.

  1. In the Update Referral in Referral Rock step of your Zap, navigate to the Action section.
  2. Next to the search field *Referral (required) select Or add search step.
  3. Confirm you wish to add a search step from the pop-up on your screen. This will create a _Find a Referral_search step between your original Trigger and Action steps.
  1. In the new search step, insert the query that you wish to run in order to find the correct referral. You may query by Referral ID, Email Address or External ID.
  2. Choose if you would like the step to be considered a success if nothing is found. By default, this is set to No or False.
  3. Check if you want to create a new referral in Referral Rock if no referral is found. By default this is unchecked.
  4. Select Continue to run a test of the search step. If the email address exists in Referral Rock, you will see a "A Referral was sent to Referral Rock about 1 second ago" success message appear (This didn't actually send a new referral, but instead located the one you selected).

Complete your Action step

To wrap up your Zap, let's complete the Update Referral in Referral Rock action step.

  1. Return to the Update Referral in Referral Rock action step.
  2. Go to the Action section.
  3. In the *Referral (required) field, select the referral that you just located in the previous search step.
  4. Select the fields that you want updated once the referral is updated in your Trigger step.
    1. The most common option is to update the Referral Status. For example, update the status to Approved. If you want to pull in data from the other application to update in Referral Rock, select the field and then insert the appropriate data set for that update.
  1. Once you have filled out all of the fields that you want updated, Test your Action step. If the test was successful you will see a "A Referral was sent to Referral Rock about 1 second ago" success message appear.
  2. Check in Referral Rock to confirm the referral was updated.

Publish & Manage your Zap

Once you are ready, select Publish in the top right corner to publish your Zap. Return to this page to see your Zaps status, history, and troubleshoot any issues.