Track Lifecycle

The Track (referral) lifecycle connection type helps you track the word of mouth you're getting


Referral tracking must be in place so you can accurately measure the value of your program and reward your members.

The referral journey starts on the first click of a member's referral link, where they are taken to a landing page, your website, or anywhere of your choosing.

Connect all your systems to track referrals throughout their journey:

  • referral visits give you visibility into web visits across the referral lifecycle even before they convert into a referral.
  • Conversion capture is the essential tracking integration point to capture when a referral converts to a customer or lead. It's the only way to uniquely identify who the referral is.
  • Referral activity updates are only required when you need to trigger rewards based on events after the referral conversion.
  • Automatic invite loop is an added benefit of setting up the track integration. Any email address that is tracked from a form or checkout (even ones that didn't come from a program member) can be sent an email to join the program and become a sharer themselves. See our support article for details.
1508 three levels of integration needed for tracking the referral lifecycle.

Referral Visits (automatic)

A referral can visit your site many times before they convert into a lead or customer. View our referral visits guide if you want to learn more about how it works.


Referral.js SDK required

To track referral visits, the Referral.js SDK must be installed on all webpages the referral will visit.

Referral visits are important to track the effectiveness of your program to:

  • View repeat visitors and their lifecycle of site visits before and after the referral converts
  • Measure the effectiveness of the referrals a member sends you
  • See which members get you the most brand awareness

Conversion Capture (required)

A conversion happens when an unidentified referral completes a form on your website or app.

Depending on how your form was built, you'll either setup conversion tracking yourself or Referral Rock will do it for you. This will allow you to see when a referral fills out a form.

Use the tables below to identify your form, and if you don't see your form type listed, please contact our support team. It's rare we find a form we cannot support, and we'll evaluate your form to determine a solution to track conversions.

Platforms you can set up yourself

These form providers have settings within their application that make it easy to add conversion tracking to their forms.

Platforms we can assist you with set up

For these types of forms, contact Referral Rock support to get your form set up with no effort at all. Submit a request


Incompatible Platforms

  • HubSpot Meetings - No place for us to grab meeting data from HubSpot meetings.
  • SurveyMonkey Apply - No place to access form data via JavaScript or with redirects.
  • Swimphony - There is no way to access form data via JavaScript or with redirects.
  • Zoho Forms - Iframe with no place for a script
  • Eventbrite - does not support JavaScript or custom domains for forms.

Other Methods for Custom Forms and Other Platforms

With the SDK installed on your website, Referral Rock's support team can quickly add conversion tracking to your custom form. Submit a request

If you don't want Referral Rock to setup conversion tracking for you, we have the three methods below you can use to add conversion tracking to forms on your site or application.


Don't see your platform?

If you cannot find a solution, please contact our support team for assistance. We have many unlisted integrations where we haven't published a self-service guide yet.

Submit a request


Hosted landing page (no code alternative)

Use Referral Rock's hosted landing page to add referrals instead of your own form.

  • Design from sets of page templates
  • Only referrals see these pages
  • Write your page copy to speak directly to the referral on the member's behalf
  • Guaranteed to capture the referral and send referrals to your CRM

Referral Activity Updates (conditional)

Referral activity updates are only required when you need to trigger rewards based on events after the referral conversion. Two main use cases are:

  • Multi-step sales process - the referral starts as a lead and needs to be qualified by a salesperson
  • Recurring rewards - multiple rewards can be issued based on repeat purchases or subscriptions

Multi-Step Sales Processes

Once the referral is converted, you can use your CRM or other backend systems to update referral's status and properties based on activity in your CRM.

The key to setting this up is determining where the event takes place that should trigger a referral update. This is often in a CRM or e-commerce platform.

Use the table below to explore various options for updating your referrals.

Recurring Actions

After the referral converts and is in the approved status, you can add referral actions for them.

A common use case is when a member should be rewarded for repeat referral purchases, like a monthly subscription. In this workflow, you need a method to send actions to Referral Rock each time the referral makes a purchase to trigger the reward for the member.


Requires reward rule with recurring referral action trigger

You can learn more about recurring rewards here.

We offer the following ways to send referral actions: